The project “Wielkopolska Common Cause” is co-financed by the National Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the state budget.

The project is carried out by the Voivode of Wielkopolska – Project Leader and Caritas Polska – Project Partner.

Project implementation period: from 15.06.2018 to 14.06.2021

Themain objective of the project is: Comprehensive improvement of the standard of integration services for third country citizens in Wielkopolskie Province.

The detailed objectives of the project implemented by Caritas Polska are as follows:

  1. Improving the knowledge of employees of Social Welfare Centres, District Family Support Centre, County Employment Offices in Wielkopolskie Province and Wielkopolska Voivodeship Office concerning regulations related to the integration of foreigners, as well as acquisition of skills allowing for their professional service.
  2. Providing specialist training for the personnel of the Social Policy Department, Civil Affairs and Foreigners Department, Social Assistance Centres, District Family Assistance Centres, District Employment Offices in Wielkopolskie Province and development/issue of a practical handbook for entities working for the benefit of the integration of third-country citizens,
  3. Creation and functioning of information and advisory points for citizens of third countries in the Wielkopolskie Province,
  4. Provision of Polish language courses for citizens of third countries living in WielkopolskieProvince.
  5. Organisation of adaptation courses for foreigners living in Wielkopolskie Province, concerning values and laws applicable in Poland.
  6. Provision of support for schools in Wielkopolskie Province in the field of working with a foreign child.
  7. Presentation of positive aspects of migration as a process enriching local communities, which may translate into the integration of third-country nationals living in Wielkopolskie Province.
  8. Exchange of good practices with employees of other than national – non-governmental organisations supporting the development of foreigners in the local community, drawing on their experience in order to raise the standard of integration services for third-country citizens in Wielkopolskie Province.
  9. Improvement of social and living conditions of migrants – citizens of third countries living in the Wielkopolskie Province.
  10. Strengthening the integration process of Polish children and third-country citizens.
  11. Maintaining a publicly accessible website for third countries in the English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.