We invite third country citizens (abroad the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland) to the Migrant Assistance Centre in Kalisz, ul. Stawiszyńska 20

Within the project, we offer the following:

Integration advisory

In the Migrants Assistance Centre, they can receive help and information as well as specialist legal, psychological, vocational and integration assistance. As part of the integration advice you can use the access to a computer, the Internet network, a printer, or help with magazines editing. In addition, we offer assistance in translating documents of foreigners (including translations performed by sworn translators) concerning, among other things, legalisation of stay, nostrification, or recognition of certificates, diplomas, or medical documentation. We also provide assistance in the recognition of certificates and diplomas from schools and universities obtained in the countries of origin in cooperation with the Provincial Board of Education and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Social and living support

In temporary and difficult situations, we provide social and living assistance consisting in the allocation of parcels with hygienic articles, parcels with food products, reimbursement of the costs of purchase of necessary medicines or minor medical procedures, clothing or renting an apartment or dormitory.

Polish language courses

Polish language courses will be based on the practical usage of language. The course programme will include issues related to Polish culture and history. Within the framework of the project, 5 groups of 12 people are going be organised. A total number of 60 people will partake in the courses. Duration of the course for a group: 32 hours.

The course will be addressed to foreigners with different knowledge of the Polish language – at different levels of advancement, with the possibility of adding a specialist module.

Legal advisory

We provide legal advisory, which provides the possibility of receiving assistance in legalising your stay on the territory of Poland, obtaining a work permit, assistance in preparing letters and applications and in understanding and interpreting official letters, as well as assistance in the representation of foreigners before a competent authority during the proceedings for the issue of a residence permit.

Adaptive courses

As part of the project, we organise adaptation courses aimed at facilitating social and civic integration of foreigners and familiarising them with the rights and obligations related to their stay in Poland. During the courses, participants will learn about the social and educational system in Poland, the principles of using health care and social insurance, learn about the specificity of the labour market, institutions working for the integration of migrants, as well as obtain information about the Polish tradition and culture. Course participants will receive refreshments and training materials (briefcases, notebooks, pens and identifiers) as well as a script containing a package of necessary information related to life and work in Poland.

Vocational guidance

We provide the participants of the project with professional guidance, within the framework of which information on the labour market, vocational and continuing education of adults, the system of gaining qualifications in Poland and on legal employment agencies are provided. One may also receive assistance in preparing official letters, translating and understanding the forms that are required to be completed in the course of employment procedures. We also provide advice on the types of employment contracts and civil-law contracts, the rules of using labour market institutions or the tax system in Poland.

Psychological advisory

Under the project, participants have the opportunity to take advantage of sessions with a psychologist, which will allow to improve self-esteem, conscious management of their careers, effective building of their image on the labour market.  Beneficiaries will receive support in difficult moments of transition and job seeking, related to the loss of job and long-term unemployment.

Common room

As part of the project, we organise a common room, which will include compensatory and educational activities as well as thematic activities for children. Within the activity, cyclical culture meetings will be organised for children: visits to museums, cinemas, theatre and meetings with representatives of the world of culture and art.  

Integration holidays for Polish and foreign children

Within the framework of the project, two integration camps for foreign children and Polish children will be organised.  During the holidays, an integration programme will be implemented. The holiday will be attended by 90 children.

Welcome package for children

Within the frames of the project, a welcome package for children will be developed to help them find themselves in a new situation. An accessible form designed with a small recipient in mind will fulfil an informational and psychological function. The package will contain the most important information about Poland from the child’s point of view, aimed at explaining their situation to the youngest in a friendly way. The packages will be distributed in schools in Wielkopolska Province.

Meeting with employers

Two meetings with employers employing migrants and groups of employers and foreigners already employed in Poland will be organised in the same way.

The aim of the meetings will be to present potential employees to employers, their potential and to present working conditions in a given company by employers, as well as to create an opportunity to exchange experiences with the employed personnel. The topic of the meeting will be the presentation of legal aspects related to the Polish labour market for foreigners.

Intercultural Championships for the Voivode of Wielkopolska Cup

As part of the project, the Intercultural Championships for the Voivode of Wielkopolska Cup will be organised. Persons from various circles of the local community (including employers, foreign and Polish employees, rectors and employees of the university, foreign students, officials, journalists and famous foreigners living in Wielkopolska, priests, Caritas volunteers) will be invited to participate. Participants and guests will be able to taste dishes from different cultures. All players will receive commemorative medals and the winning team will receive a cup. Symbolic prizes and the purchase of sports outfits are also projected. The Championships will contribute to the promotion of integration through sport, a healthy lifestyle, and will be an opportunity to integrate the foreigners’ environment with the local environment.