29.01.2021 – Report on activities for children

As part of the project, a day care centre for foreign children operates at the Migrant Assistance Centre at 20 Stawiszyńska Street in Kalisz. Children and youths attending the day centre have an opportunity to develop their talents and interests in arts and sports as part of the activities conducted there. The day-room offers various types of classes, from educational, artistic, integration to compensatory ones. Under the supervision of the day-room manager, various activities are also organised to get to know each other and integrate.

Artistic work and activities

Construction activities, games and animation in the park and on the playground, creating colourful artwork – this is everyday life at the community centre.

Children during construction activities

There are also lots of other attractions such as going to the cinema or swimming pool. Additional attractions included competing together on a go-kart track or playing in a trampoline park.

Fun and integration at a go-kart track

In July 2020, children had the opportunity to develop their interests in both art and sport. During the holiday period, the community centre operated daily offering art, artistic, sporting and competitive activities. During the holidays, a bonfire was also organised with a shared sausage roast and a game of paintball.

There were also opportunities to integrate with Polish children during activities at the day room.

In the second half of July, an excursion to Wrocław took place together with a group of Polish children. During the trip they visited the Wrocław Zoo, admired the Centennial Hall and listened to a concert in the Wrocław multimedia fountain.

Participants of the trip in front of the Hala Stulecia in Wrocław


Joint visit to the Wrocław Zoo

During the trip, the children also visited the older parts of the city – the Market Square and Ostrów Tumski. For many of the participants it was their first trip to such a big city, different from the one they live in. The children had the opportunity to learn about the history of Wrocław and admire its beautiful architecture.

On the Wrocław Main Square

The last item on the trip was “Kolejkowo” – Poland’s largest railway model with moving miniature trains and cars. The miniature shows authentic buildings from the area of Upper and Lower Silesia. The exhibition is located in one of the oldest railway stations in Wrocław – Świebodzki Station.

“Kolejkowo” – the largest railway model in Poland

During the summer holidays in August 2020, two 11-day integration camps were held in Krynica Morska for children who were participants of the project and their Polish colleagues. In total, 90 children participated in the holiday trips.

Summer camp in Krynica Morska

The participants spent time there integrating and having fun together. Many attractions were provided. The main attraction was of course the Polish sea – for many migrant and Polish children it was the first such experience. During the camp, there were many activities developing creativity – creating their own colourful soaps or plaster masks.

Activities to develop creativity, organised during the summer camp

There were also sporting activities such as bike rides, archery and football competitions.

The main attraction during the camp was of course the water activities. Children could choose from many attractions. There were sailing or motorboat cruises on the Vistula Lagoon. A lot of time was also devoted to learning and improving their skills on the stage of SUP. Many new friendships and sympathies were made during the camp.

Sports activities

There were also integrative activities for children, such as dances, bonfires, animations and discos. Participants could enjoy excursions in the area and survival games and activities in the field.

In September 2020, in addition to the weekly activities at the day care centre, a Family Picnic was held where, in addition to the children, parents also had the opportunity to get to know each other and integrate. The children took part in various games, activities and animations. A photo booth was also one of the attractions.

Fun together at the Family Picnic

In October and November 2020, the day centre offered individual remedial classes and small group activities. The children also benefited from tutoring, which was a huge help when teaching remotely.

In December, Christmas workshops were held in small groups of several people. The children had the opportunity to create their own Christmas decorations as gifts for their loved ones. Many colourful Christmas trees and wreaths were created. The children also created decorations for a communal Christmas tree, which was placed in the day room.

Wreaths and ornaments prepared as presents for loved ones during classes at the community centre

In January 2021, children using the day centre participated in a Walk with Alpacas. Each child had the opportunity to walk with an alpaca, feed the animal and take a photo together as a souvenir. During the two-hour walk in the forest, children learned important information about breeding alpacas – where they come from, how they live, what their tastes are. Apart from the unusual meeting with exotic animals, it was also a great opportunity to commune with nature and spend time in the fresh air, so important after a whole week of remote teaching.

A walk with alpacas