19.05.2021  – Radio broadcast (no. 29) second part of conversation with P. Dumitru – musician from Moldova

We invite you to listen to a radio programme which was broadcast on Radio Emmaus on 12/05/2021. The broadcast was realised under the title ” I was a stranger and you welcomed me”.

A native of Moldova, P. Dumitru Harea, a musician who plays and teaches the pipes of Pan, found in Poland not only an audience for his work, but above all the love of his life. He married and started a family here and Poland became his homeland.  In the last conversation with Mr Dumitru, issues connected with the formalities for legalising permanent residence in Poland were raised, as well as how the pandemic has affected the organisation of cultural events. The programme also raised the issue of the procedure for granting a residence permit to a foreigner married to a Polish citizen.

We invite you to listen to the radio broadcast: