14.09.2021 – Completion of the project

Ladies and gentlemen, We kindly inform you that we completed the implementation of the project “Wielkopolska Wspólna Sprawa” on 14 September 2021. In result, the Assistance Centre for Migrants and Refugees in Kalisz at 20 Stawiszyńska Street and in Poznań at 5 Wieżowa Street have ceased operations.

31.08.2021 – Commentary from the Multi-Cultural Wielkopolskie Voivodes’ Cup

On 22 August 2021, the Multi-Cultural Wielkopolskie Voivode’s – an open football tournament – was held at the Municipal Stadium in Kalisz, 2 Wał Matejki Street. Twelve teams participated in the competition for the cup. It was an opportunity to have fun together and to integrate foreigners with the local community through sport, as well […]

26.05.2021  – Radio broadcast (no. 30) on seasonal work and work on the basis of a declaration on the assignment of work to foreigners

We invite you to listen to a radio programme which was broadcast on Radio Emmaus on 19/05/2021. The broadcast was realised under the title ” I was a stranger and you welcomed me”. In the last broadcast, we invited Ms Sylwia Kropacz, a specialist for records and settlements in the District Employment Office in Poznań. […]