24.01.2020 – We offer help with certified translations

We’d like to inform you that, as part of the project, we can help you with certified translations of documents connected with legalization of your stay, recognition of diplomas as well as medical and other documentation required for your stay and work in Poland. Feel free to contact the Migrant Assistance Centre in Kalisz to […]

23.01.2020 – Pole’s Card

What is the Pole’s Card? The Pole’s Card is a document confirming affiliation to the Polish Nation and certifying that its holder has certain rights related to it.  However, one should remember that granting the Card of the Pole does not mean the acquisition of Polish citizenship. The Pole’s Card is also not a document […]

22.01.2020 – Can a foreigner buy a property located in Poland?

Yes. However, there are some restrictions. A distinction should be made between the acquisition of a property (undeveloped land or land developed with, among others, a single-family house) and the acquisition of an independent dwelling (e.g. in a block of flats or a detached house). The rule is that a foreigner purchasing a property in […]