19.03.2021 – Invitation to training courses for teachers and office personnel

As part of the “Wielkopolska Common Cause” project, in addition to activities aimed directly at foreigners, trainings for teachers and employees of offices and institutions working with migrants are also carried out.

The training in “Working with Foreign Students / Children”, which is dedicated to teachers is to deepen intercultural competences of school educational personnel and improve relations between foreign students, teachers, parents and Polish children. We invite to participate in the training particularly those who have contact with students from other countries in their teaching work. You can apply for participation by filling in the online form available at:


The employees of offices, in turn, are addressed with trainings on “Working with a foreigner client”. Their aim is to improve the quality of foreigners’ service in offices and to act efficiently and economically for their integration. Participation in the training will allow its participants to consolidate and update their knowledge of regulations governing the rights and obligations of foreigners and the principles of working with people from other countries and cultural backgrounds. Application for participation can be sent by filling in the online form available at:


The next edition of training is scheduled for April 2021 and will be conducted remotely. The classes will be conducted via the MS Teams platform.