11.03.2021 – Helpline at Biuro Poznań Kontakt in Ukrainian language

Biuro Poznań Kontakt (“Poznań Contact Office”) has been providing a city information service in Ukrainian since March 2020. The services provided by the city helpline cover issues concerning life in Poznań and are very popular among foreigners.

On working days from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. employees of the Poznań Contact Office answer residents’ questions. They concern e.g. the benefits to which they are entitled, public transport or the procedure for obtaining a PESEL number. All this information can also be obtained in Ukrainian or English.

When you call Poznań Contact Office, you will be asked to choose a specific scope of the case and language.

For more information, call the Poznań Contact Office at 61 646 33 44.