26.10.2020 – Invitation to listen to the broadcast (No. 17) – discussion on migration with Mrs Agnieszka Kosowicz

Мы приглашаем вас прослушать радиопередачу, которая вышла в эфир Радио «Эммаус» 21.10.2020 г. Передача прошла под лозунгом «Я был пришельцем, но вы приняли меня».

Migration is as old as humanity. It is a human experience since the dawn of time. Poland, too, has had many experiences over the years, both as a country receiving migrants, but also as a country from which many people have travelled to different parts of the world.

In the last broadcast, this topic will be presented by Mrs Agnieszka Kosowicz – the founder and president of the Polish Migration Forum, a foundation whose aim is dialogue and building understanding between people from different cultural backgrounds.

We invite you to listen to the radio broadcast: