15.11.2019 – Polish Card – monetary benefits

People with Polish Card, who submitted their application for permanent residence in Poland, can submit an application for a temporary monetary benefit.

The benefit can be additionally extended to cover the person’s spouse and children residing in Poland.

The monetary benefit application has to be submitted (in person, by an authorized representative or by mail) to the Governor, to whom the application for permanent residence in Poland has been submitted.

The application has to be submitted within 3 months from the day of submitting the permanent residence application to the Governor.

If you want the financial benefit to also cover your family members, remember to prepare the following documents:

  • valid copy of the marriage certificate,
  • valid copy of a vital record describing the level of kinship between family members,
  • a document confirming that the family members reside in Poland with the person submitting the application,
  • a copy of passport pages with full names of family members and the stamp confirming the crossing of the Polish border.

It’s vital to remember that documents submitted in languages other than the Polish language have to be translated into Polish by a sworn translator of the Polish language.


The amount of monetary benefits is a 50% equivalent of the minimum wage, applicable in the year of submitting the application – for applicants and their spouses – and a 50% equivalent of that amount for every minor under parental care of the applicant or his or her spouse, and in the period between the 4th and the 9th month – 60% of the above-mentioned amount respectively.