07.11.2019 – How to get your Personal ID number (PESEL)?

All foreigners get their Personal ID number automatically when they register for residence in Poland for more than 30 days. However, if a foreigner can’t register for residence, but wants to get his or her Personal ID number, then he or she has to submit a proper application at the Borough Office (Urzad Gminy). In order to do that, the foreigner has to fill in the application and have an ID document to confirm his or her identity and other details from the application.

Application template can be found here:


or at the Borough Office (Urzad Gminy).

The application has to be submitted at:

  • The borough office competent for the place of residence (or they place you’re going to register for residence),
  • The borough office competent for the employer’s seat for those who cannot register for residence,
  • The District Office of the capital city of Warsaw (Nowogrodzka 43) — if the person submitting the application doesn’t work or the employer’s seat is abroad.

Personal ID number is issued for free.