07.08.2020 – Invitation to listen to the broadcast (No. 11) on migration and the operation of the Information Centre for Migrants in Poznań

We invite you to listen to the radio broadcast, which was aired on Radio Emaus on 29/07/2020. The broadcast was made under the motto: “I was a stranger, and you welcomed me”.

In the broadcast, Mrs Agnieszka Minkowska tells about the phenomenon of migration throughout history, but also today. From the broadcast you can learn where migration comes from, how this natural phenomenon present since the dawn of mankind’s history has an impact on the everyday life of Berlin’s residents (where over 180 nationalities are registered among the residents). Mrs Agnieszka Minkowska, who has been studying migrations all over the world, spent almost two years with her family in Berlin, and is currently in charge of the Migrant Assistance Centre in Poznań.

We invite you to listen to the radio broadcast: