19.03.2020 – Invitation to listen to radio broadcast no. 2 on the operation of the children’s centre

We invite you to listen to the radio broadcast which was broadcasted on Radio Emaus on 18 March 2020. The broadcast was carried out under the motto “I was a stranger, and you welcomed me”.

In the recording, we present the activities of the day care centre located at the Migrant Assistance Centre in Kalisz, which is being implemented as part of the project under the name ” Greater Poland Common Cause”. The cyclical classes are attended mainly by young Poles and Ukrainians. Instead of staying at home in front of a computer, children choose to spend time actively with their peers. The broadcast is hosted by Kamila Krasowska, the tutor of the day care centre, who talks about its advantages for getting to know each other better, languages and cultures.

Further broadcasts will be broadcast according to the schedule on the following website: