17.10.2019 – Assistance for migrants within the project

We kindly inform you that we are still recruiting for the project. Within the framework of the project, you can seek advice from an integration advisor, a professional advisor or a lawyer. We also enrol for Polish language courses and adaptation courses. Meetings with employers are also planned.

Within the framework of social and living assistance, it is possible to obtain co-financing for the purchase of medicines and clothing, as well as parcels of food and hygiene products.

Your children can take advantage of compensatory, educational and art classes in the common room and go to the cinema, theatre or museum as part of the “Encounters with Culture”.

In the upcoming holidays there will also be integration camps for children of migrants and Polish children, about which we will inform in the near future.

We kindly invite people who meet the criteria indicated in the “Project participants” tab to the Migration Assistance Centre in Kalisz.

For more information, contact your telephone number:

+48 572 571 182, +48 572 571 183.