06.03.2020 – Invitation to listen to a radio broadcast (1)

We invite you to listen to the radio program, which was aired on Radio Emaus on 4 March 2020. The programme was carried out under the motto “I was a stranger and you invited me in”. In the recording we present the activities undertaken under the Project “Wielkopolska wspólna sprawa (Wielkopolska – Common Cause)”.  Who is a refugee and who is a migrant, where in the Wielkopolska Region can get material support in difficult moments, what help can a foreigner count on when dealing with formalities? Among other things, the last broadcast was devoted to these topics.

The next broadcast, devoted to the support for children in the project will be aired on 18 March at 6:10 pm on Radio Emaus (rerun on 21 March at 8:40 pm) and on 27 March at 6:50 pm on Radio Rodzina.

We invite you to follow the next programmes on Radio Emaus and Radio Rodzina of Kalisz Diocese, which will be aired every two weeks. A detailed schedule of the broadcast is available at:

Recording of each broadcast will also be available on the project website.