09.11.2020 Invitation to listen to the last part of the broadcast cycle – second part of the interview with Mrs Agnieszka Kosowicz

We invite you to listen to the last in the series of radio broadcast, which was aired on Radio Emaus on 04/11/2020. The broadcast was carried out under the motto “Because I was a stranger, and you welcomed me”.

In the broadcast, you can listen to the second part of the conversation with Mrs Agnieszka Kosowicz – founder and president of the Polish Migration Forum. The interview concerns the situation of migrants during the coronavirus pandemic as well as the difficulties faced by foreigners on the Polish labour market.

We hope that the series of broadcasts presented has brought the situation of migrants residing in Poland closer to the listeners and enabled them to better understand their situation and the difficulties they encounter when leaving their country of origin. All the programmes from the cycle can be found on our website in the “news” tab.

We invite you to listen to the last radio broadcast: